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Choose your pricing plan

Find one that works for you

  • Clinical Trial

    Free Plan
    • Free for the First 100 Beta-users ONLY
    • Accessibility to all the features of the App
    • Long life accessibility to the subscription for Free
    • Limited Availability
  • Individual

    Every month
    • -Ideal for Early-Stage Alzheimer's Patients
    • -Personalized Cognitive Training
    • -Medication Reminder and Tracker
    • -Navigation Assistant
    • -Training through games and interactive activities
  • Enterprise

    Every month
    • -Subscription for Senior Livings & Memory Care Centers
    • -Applicable for 3 and more subscription orders
    • -Contact us to see if it applies to your organization
    • -Support team accessibility
  • Distributors

    Every month
    • -Propriety Licensing
    • -Ideal for Healthcare & Clinicians
    • -Contact us to see how you can apply for licensing

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