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Welcome to CognoTrain, the advanced LifeScience Information Technology Startup Company paving the way to help patients with Alzheimer's. Are you or someone you love struggling with memory loss or have been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's? You are in a right place. We are here to hold your hand and help you.

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CognoTrain is a healthcare tech company led by a pioneering female founder in the field of neuroscience research. The company's core mission is to establish a healthcare tech ecosystem that provides support for Alzheimer's Dementia patients, utilizing first-to-market Digital Therapeutics (DTx), as well as a personalized Cognitive Training App and AI/ML-based Wearable devices for day-to-day care.

CognoTrain's talented team of young entrepreneur, engineers and highly accomplished advisors are committed to developing innovative solutions to improve the lives of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's. The company has built a groundbreaking cognitive training app that is supported by rigorous scientific research and harnesses the power of gamification to enhance cognitive performance.

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CognoTrain leverages advanced technologies to offer digital medicine solutions for memory decline in Alzheimer's Disease patients. The company is committed to utilizing smart solutions that will transform the landscape of memory care, and make a significant impact on the lives of patients and their loved ones.

At CognoTrain, we are focused on developing cutting-edge technology that will provide patients with comprehensive, personalized care. Our vision is to create a digital medicine ecosystem that will offer a range of services, including decline management and prevention, that are specifically tailored to the needs of Alzheimer's Disease patients.


Our core technology is the CognoTrain digital app, which is designed to enhance cognitive performance, slow down memory decline, and improve overall quality of life for Alzheimer's Disease patients. We are dedicated to providing this digital medicine solution to a global audience, and making a meaningful contribution to improving the lives of millions of Alzheimer's patients, their loved ones, and caregivers worldwide.

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"Our whole life, we try our best to be who we are. What hurts the most is that Alzheimer's disease targets our self-Identity -- who we are, what we did and whom we love! CognoTrain is here to help preserve the self-identity of Alzheimer's patients with a personalized approach to Alzheimer's and Dementia Care."

Sahar Jahanikia
Founder& Inventor of CognoTrain ecosystem


100 Pine St., Suite 1250, San Francisco, CA, 94111

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